Monday, September 27, 2010

{Rader farm}

We found Rader farms last year and fell in love with this place. And we went back this year and it was even better.
There are numerous perfect photo ops that they have set up as well which makes me very happy!
Rader farm 2010 (5))blog

Rader farm 2010 (1)

You can watch how your kids grow through out the years...
Rader farm 2010 (49))blog

There are lots and lots of pumpkins. We chose from the ones that were already picked but you can go out into the field and 'pick your own' if you choose.
Rader farm 2010 (7))blog

Jack got so tired from looking through all the pumpkins and lifting them into the wagon...he had to rest a bit...
Rader farm 2010 (59))blog

aVa found the pumpkin she wanted...tried to pick it up but it was too heavy...but was then easily distracted by the price tag...
Rader farm 2010 (57))blog

Luckily daddy was there to help her pick up her pumpkin. We took the first one 2 years ago of Jack and I love that we kind of recreated it with aVa...
Rader farm 2010 (58))blog

One of the new features this year was the wood horses with lasso.
Rader farm 2010 (56))blog

Of course the hay mountain had to be climbed by all...
Rader farm 2010 (61))blog

"Hey donkey, how's your mom?"
Rader farm 2010 (48))blog

Rader farm 2010 (47))blog

Lot's of corn kernels to play in...
Rader farm 2010 (33))blog

Rader farm 2010 (36))blog

...and chickens and roosters to chase...
Rader farm 2010 (60)blog

And one of the highlights was the ladybug train...
Rader farm 2010 (19))blog

Can't wait to go back next year!!
Happy Fall Ya'll
Rader farm 2010 (16))blog

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010


My hubby took a few pics of me when we were in Wisconsin last weekend...Of course I see all my flaws and things that I would like to change(who doesn't?) But I really love these images...And I love that Mark is the one behind the lens and captured me the way he did...

Mine (18)blog

Mine (30)blog

Mine (22)blog

Mine (35)blog

There are a bunch more here:

Monday, September 13, 2010

{a dress}

I made this dress for aVa last month for Jax bday party but for got to post pictures...


IMG_0170 blogcopy

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{Wisconsin Dells trip}

We took a little vacation this past weekend to the Dells. We had so much fun!! It was all African motif. So there are animals everywhere which Jack and Ava loved.


There was arcades to play...

IMG_0054 blogcopy

There was pottery to paint...

IMG_0064 blogcopy

A tattoo parlor...
IMG_0075 blogcopy


IMG_0127 blogcopy

Lil slides...

Body surfing...

IMG_0233 blogcopy

IMG_0216 blogcopy

Look at Ava's left hand...she is crossing her finger' she is up to something...:)
IMG_0211 blogcopy

Bigger slides...
IMG_0257 blogcopy

IMG_0080 blogcopy

Timeouts and Temper Tantrums...
IMG_0082 blogcopy

IMG_0185 blogcopy

IMG_0181 blogcopy


The kids enjoyed picking new lil best friends and watching as they came to life as they were filled with fluffies right before their eyes...and they even got to make a wish as they put the star in their animal right before they were closed up...


But as with any vacation it was eventually time to come home.
IMG_0265 blogcopy
We look forward to our next family vacation which we just planned with our friends the Sikorski's and Castleman's for March 2011 to go to Florida!!

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