Thursday, June 24, 2010

{Slip-n-Slide Fun}

We got the slip-n-slide out Tuesday night. It was HOT!!! Jack has been asking to play with it since like January! :)
They had so much fun. I even went down it a few times(no pictures because you really don't want to see that!)

Ava kept falling but that didn't stop her. She was sliding down every chance she got!

I love this last shot. You can just see the pure delight of a boy and splashes of water!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

{Brothers}|Central Illinois Family Photographer

These are our neighbor boys. They are the most polite and well behaved young men! We had them over for hot dogs on the grill and they played with all Jax toys the other night.
Their parents have an anniversary next week so we went to the park and did a little photoshoot for a surprise gift for Mom and Dad.
I think they will ove the images we got of their very handsome trio!

Dominique...he is a natural one point he just stepped right in front of Jack so he wouldn't go out on the street.

Jermaine...he is creative. He was coming up with different poses for his individual poses and wasn't shy about trying new things. He is definitely his own person.

This is Amari...he is sweet and quiet and oh so loving...him and Jack will be starting school together this year. There is only about 10 days age difference between them.

And these 2 became best friends that day...he carried her all over and she loved it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

{All about Babies}| I ♥ Faces

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ava as a newborn! So sleepy and peaceful. I still love to watch my kids sleep and I find that I have tons of sleeping pics.

Monday, June 7, 2010

{18 months} |Central Illinois Mommy Photographer

Someone is eighteen months old today. We are so proud of her! It's hard to believe that she has been here for 18 months already.
She has become such a friendly little thing. She waves and says 'hiyee' to everyone she sees. Strangers will stop and talk to her and say how beautiful and friendly she is.
She waves 'bye bye' like a little Miss America.
She loves her baby dolls. We watch her push them in her strollers and pretend to feed them and talk to them.
Dogs and birds are her favorite animals. When she hears a dog bark she says, 'oh! a ruff ruff!'
When she sees something interesting she says,'whaz thiz?'
She pulls bows out of her hair as soon as I get them in and I have to tell her how pretty she looks with them in so she will leave them alone.
She is fearless! She climbs on everything and thinks she can do anything her big brother does.
She is generous with kisses.
She loves sticking her face in the bath water to blow bubbles.
She is a tiny dancer and sings to songs in the car but doesn't want you to sing or dance with her.
We couldn't imagine our life without her. She is so loved and adored. Jack always says, 'I love my baby sister Mama'
She has filled our lives and all the lives of those around her with such joy!
And to think she is only 18 months old!!! I can't wait to watch her grow. We have lot's of laughs and cuddles ahead of us!!
Love you baby girl!

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