Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I went to Jax halloween party at school yesterday...

And for some reason Jack really wanted to be a kitty cat for Halloween...

And guess what! I got 7th place in this weeks photo contest at i♥faces!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

batman & robin

Jax little girlfriend Rylee turned 4 last weekend. She had a Batman and Robin themed birthday. She was telling everyone before her birthday that she was going to be Robin and her boyfriend was going to be Batman!
So cute!!
Also, we are so excited that Rylee is going to be a BIG sister!!! Congratulations Kara!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

my {little} people...

It's hard to be mommy and photographer. I have to be the reprimander and the entertainer to get these images. They don't turn out exactly as I would like but this is what I got.

I had to post these. This is what our photoshoots are really like...

She's like..'well what's with him'

'it's ok brother, just smile and it will all be over with soon'

'hey, she said we get icecream if we are good'

LOVE these last 3. He is so sweet with her. True love!

Of course there is more here:

Halloween {dress up} @ i♥faces...

Jack as BATMAN last year. He really believed he was BATMAN when he was wearing this. He was so cool!
He loves BATMAN so much he is going to be him again this year!

Go check out all the cute Halloween costumes here:

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i♥faces winner!

i♥faces winner!

I ♥ faces Angie & Amy's favorite pick

I ♥ faces Angie & Amy's favorite pick

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