Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am really feeling the tiredness due to early pregnancy! I am always tired!! Thankfully mark is sensitive to this. Last night when he got home I really needed to rest so he took Jack and let me lay on the couch. They had a great evening. They went to the park and then out for one of Jax favorite meals- SUSHI!! They even brought some home for mommy!!
I have 2 of the sweetest boys!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jax Gonna be a BIG Brother!!

There's a baby on the way!! We found out a few weeks ago that we are going to have baby #2 in December! We are sooo excited!!
We were surprised it happened so quickly! It took 7 months for us to get pregnant with Jack and only 2 with this one.
Jack is so funny about it. He says he doesn't want a baby but he does want a brother. One time he wanted to name him Joe(like his Papa-my dad) and the other day he wanted to name him Ricky.??? I don't know where he got that name from.
Mark thinks it will be fun for us to choose a few names that we like and then let Jack pick the name.
When we ask Jack where Mommy's baby is he tells us it's in Daddy's belly and if you ask him where Daddy's baby is he says it's in Mommy's belly.
He has also started pretending he is a baby and likes for us to hold him like a baby. So I do forsee a little jealousy when he isn't the 'baby' anymore!
So if you hear any cool names let us know- we are open to suggestions!

Monday, April 14, 2008

2nd Cast in a Year!!

Last year around this time Jack fell off a bike and hurt his ankle and had to get a cast. Well on Saturday Jack was playing with his cousins and was jumping off a chair and hurt his other foot. All day yesterday he wouldn't walk on it and kept telling us 'my foot really really hurts'! We went to see the doctor today and he got another cast!! There wasn't an actual broken bone that they could see on the x-ray but the doctor thinks he damaged his growth palette and so he put a cast on so he would damage it furthur.
Jack was a real champ at the doctor appointment. He is really into Spiderman at the moment so we took his little Spiderman guy and Spiderman got x-rays too. He told us that Spiderman is a hero. Last year he screamed while they were putting on the cast but this time he sat so still and the nurse let him hold some of the supplies.
We have a very active and fearless boy!! If you look at his nose you will noticed he has an owie there too from falling down the previous day! We have so many pictures of Jack with owies! Unfortunately he is also a little clumsy like his Mom!!!
I am thankful that really it was just a minor injury and that he didn't hurt himself any worse.
Uncle Tim and Aunt Jolene felt so bad that this happened at their house

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Name?

I have a little photography buisness called '1Thousand Words Photography'. I am wanting to change the name. It seems a bit long and I don't really like the '1' in it anymore. Now is a good time since Becky is getting ready to design a new website for me and make me some new buisness cards.

I am changing my focus a little bit as well: I am no longer going to be shooting weddings after 2008. I want to really focus on families and children. I want to venture into photocards for all occasions as well.I will however still do engagements and senior pictures.

I would kind of like my name in it somewhere.

So do you have any ideas?

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