Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 69:365

Ava and I took lunch to Jack at school today. I love doing this!! I love seeing how excited he gets and I can tell he feels so special!!
After visiting his classroom and spending some time with his classmates I am moved even more to pray for his teacher and the students. A few of the kids were sharing with me about their home life a bit and it broke my heart to hear one boy say that his dad is in jail for stealing cars and he misses him because he hasn't seen him in a long time. Which explains some of his behavior issues. Another boy told me he has to move to a new house today because the bad guys live across the street from him. Don't know exactly what the situation is there just really make my heart break for these innocent little children. It's easy to see them and there behavior issues and just think they are bad kids but when you start to hear about the issues they are exposed to and have to deal with on a regular basis it explains A LOT!!
And I am challenged to really pray for the teacher as well. I can't even imagine the struggle to teach students that can't focus and have difficulty listening and learning what she needs to be teaching them.
She is an excellent teacher and talks so sweetly and kindly and with a neccessary sternness at the same time. She challenges them to make good choices for themselves and explains things with such love.
However some of the students just don't listen and are constantly interrupting and making poor choices.
I spoke with the teacher just a little after lunch and I know she is tired and frustrated at the same time. She loves those kids and I know she wants to see them all succeed. I get frustrated with my 2 kids I can't even imagine 20+ students!!! I'd pull my hair out!!!
She has a tough job that doesn't always seem rewarding!
My heart goes out to her. Would you join me in saying a prayer for them if you think of it?

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