Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{random happenings from the last few days}

We were sitting in the living room the other night and Mark says, "hey babe look in your studio." I turned to see this...
Aunt Becky brought us lunch yesterday. And then got a big group hug and kiss from the kids and dog...
The kids are addicted to these pop ice things. They ask for them constantly!
Ava also enjoys running around naked lately. I let her because potty training is so much easier.
And she does have one of the cutest little white tooshes!
She also enjoys pretending to be a dog which involves licking random things and fetching balls...
Ava also loves taking baths now and would take multiple baths a day if we let her...
Today she decided to grab my razor when I walked out of the room and cut her thumb up pretty good!
Charlie sat here the whole time Ava was taking her bath...
The kids are really enjoying playing in their rooms more...we have dance parties in Jax room now(which I will have to get pics of one day) and Ava likes playing house and jammin to her music in her room...
Its been a bit warm outside and so we have been watching movies that we get from the library a lot which is nice for me too so I can have a few minutes to shut my brain off! Although lately I used this time to edit clients images as well...
Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our life...

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