Friday, July 15, 2011

{Bike rider} |Proud Mommy Photographer!

We are so proud of Jack!!! He has been asking daddy to teach him to ride his bike with no training wheels for a little while and last night Mark went out with him for about an hour to help him start learning to ride.
Then this morning Jack asked if he could go out and practice by himself. I said sure. I look out the window and he is doing really good!!!
Of course he fell a handful of times and struggled to try and not brake. But he is so determined and just kept trying. I heard him a couple times say, "I think I can do it, I think I can do it!!" He is one determined little guy. And I knew if he really wanted this he would get it!
So Ava and I went out and cheered him on in his efforts. About 10 minutes later he rode almost the whole way down the sidewalk!! By the time Daddy got home Jack was ready to ride around the block!
He was doing so well with his little bike that he decided to try his big bike and mastered that one in about 5 seconds!!
So So proud of him! But can someone tell me how he got so big!!
I so vividly remember the doctor telling me I was having a boy, how emotional and happy I was the instant they laid him on my chest, how proud I was when a woman stopped me in Halmark to tell me what a happy baby he was, how frustrated I was when I thought he would never get potty trained, how excited we were to go buy school supplies when he started Kindergarten last year!! And now he is almost 6 years old, getting ready to start 1st grade and learning how to ride a bike with no help!!
Slow down Jack! Please slow down!!! I'm so going to miss you when you are gone!! And these milestones just remind me that I won't get to keep him forever. He is growing so fast and one day will be on his own.
I strive everyday to raise and teach him everything he needs to know to be the man he will be. And I love creating fun memories that he will look back on and know how much I love him and just how much I really enjoyed being his Mommy.
Wow!! I am balling!! Who knew watching your son learn to ride a bike could be so emotional and thought provoking!! Geesh!!
I love you Jacaroni!!!

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