Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{library books}

Miss A and I went to the library today. It was the first time she has been. She was so excited!! Everything was so interesting to her.
We found these packets that are filled with goodies focused on a particular subject and are age appropriate. aVa chose the baby penguin one this week. I hope to make the library a weekly trip for us and want to spend time each morning to focus on "teaching" time for her. This might consist of crafts one day or cooking or trips to the Discovery Museum or library lap sit programs. Any suggestions of creative learning activities that you know of in Bloomington/Normal would be greatly appreciated!
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We got some kid cook books too...
IMG_0058 blogcopy
We thought these 'icecream tacos' looked quite yummy!
IMG_0061 blogcopy
Speaking of food...she had just eaten pizza and I hadn't wiped her mouth off yet...

IMG_0089blog copy
And aVa recently learned to do the splits!!!
Isn't she a beauty!!!
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