Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We had the most wonderful time in Florida last week! We went with our great friends the Sikorski's and the Castleman's. It was great because we all have kids similar in age. The kids had so much fun! Everytime aVa sees a picture of any of them now she says, "Fends!!"

We decided to drive the 18 hours so we could save money on airfare...I was a bit nervous about being in the car with the munchkins for that long!! But we prepared...I went to the dollar store and got a bunch of surprises and wrapped them up. They really enjoyed this and got so excited each time they got to open one. We also had lots of snacks and movies to keep us busy. We tried to keep to the kids daily routine as much as possible too...we stopped at lunch time and then let them lay in the back of the van for nap and then stopped for the night to rest around dinner time. It worked out perfectly...they were very very well behaved!
But after 2 days of driving we finally arrived at our beautiful condo and our friends were so sweet waiting for us at the front and we were all hootin and hollerin with excitement...
There was lots of playin and snugglin to be done all week...
And it was so nice to have the kids eat just about every meal out on the balcony with a magnificent view of the ocean!! We even saw dolphins swimming one evening while eating dinner...
Of course we ventured out a few times to go to John's Pass for dinner, shopping and best of all ICECREAM!!!
Our munchkies burned pretty bad the first day we spent on the beach so we spent the second day going to a local aquarium...
One of our favorite things about the trip was just being able to play on the beach, making sandcastles and collecting shells. And going swimming in the gorgeous pool. Jack even learned how to swim in Florida!! Even underwater!!! So so proud of him!!! BIG BOY!!!
We surprised the kiddos with a trip to Disney on Wednesday as well...Jack and aVa were so excited and were so sweet and cuddly with each other while we were there...
Jax favorite was PeterPan. aVa loved Mickey Mouse of course. But one of the sweetest things happened during the evening Parade of Lights. We had front row seats which led to lots of interactions with the characters. At one point when Cinderella was riding by she blew a kiss right to aVa and aVa blew one right back at her. Cinderella was tickled and we all said how sweet it was. And then of course I welled up with tears at how excited aVa was.
And while waiting for the fireworks we got to blow some bubbles, hopscotch and hoola hoop...
The rest of our trip was spent hanging out and playing. I couldn't have asked for a better vacation. Hope to do it again next year!!
If you want to see all of the images from our trip just go here.

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Patterson Family said...

It looks like the perfect vacation, Barbie!! Glad you had such an awesome time.

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