Sunday, January 16, 2011

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We are having so much fun watching aVa grow into a little girl and not so much a baby. She is talking so well now and says such funny things. Her giggles fill our home with such joy. She is a very caring little girl too and always asks, "are you ok?' if she hears someone cough. And is quick to comfort her crying brother.
We are so blessed to have her in our lives!

aVa has really started playing so much more recently like a little girl. She absolutely loves her baby dolls and we often see and hear her rocking them and shshshshing them sweetly and putting them "nigh night". She is the kindest, most gentle and loving little mommy.
Apparently she is going to make a great multitasking lil mama...I cracked up the first time I saw her carrying her baby on her back while she made "soup" in her kitchen.
Soup is her favorite thing to make right now. She looks at us with sparkling eyes and cocks her head to the side and asks in the sweetest munchkin voice, "Soup?" And of course we say yes every time and she runs to make it excitedly. You would think maybe she is making chicken noodle soup or something but her soup usually consists of french fries or corn on the cob or pizza or something quite unsoup related. But we take it and eat it all the while saying how yummy her soup is!!!
I have made her a little apron that I am going to give her for Valentine's Day and then I hope to do a full "Kitchen Time" photoshoot.
Another favorite thing of aVa's now is reading books. It's so cute to hear her rambling on as she thinks she is reading the story to us.

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