Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Happy Birthday baby girl!!! I am so blessed to call you mine!!! You are the most special little girl I have ever known!
You are such a happy child and love to have fun. I hope you always want to dance everytime you hear music. May you always dance as if no one is watching!
I have so many wishes for you as you are getting bigger. I wish you could stay my little girl forever! Your sweet innocence and your genuine surprised looks when you discover something new are some of the many things I love about you.
I hope you always remember what it sounds like when your daddy gets home. It's one of the highlights of your day when you hear the key in the door you and Jack both run to him with hugs, kisses and squeals of delight.
And you are so generous with your hugs and kisses. I love every single one of them and treasure those cuddly moments with you. You are such a sweetie!
I hope you memorize all the moments of tickles and giggles with your BIG brother. You love each other so much. You are very good at comforting him when he is upset by rubbing his back and giving him hugs to make him 'all better'. And I love watching you run to greet him as he gets off the bus. And I know he is so proud of you.
I swell with pride as you wave and say hi to people when we are out. And then you point to me and tell them, "Dis is Mommy!" I hope you will always be this proud to let people know I am your Mom. ♥
I am smiling just thinking about how unique you are. I have never known a child to start biting their nails at 18 months of age. But you do! And it's so cute. And you are an entertainer...Daddy and I talk often about how funny you are. You are sassy too! As you roll your eyes telling us stories...we don't always know what you are saying but you are serious about what ever it is! :) And you are such an independant thing! You can do it all by YOURSELF!!! And Daddy is quite proud that you are a neat little girl too. You always throw wrappers and stuff in the garbage and put your dishes in the sink. Also you take your shoes off and put your socks in them and take them to where they go. So neat and organized already at 2!
There are so many things I could say about you...I am constantly telling stories about you!
But I want you to know how much I love you and my life has been completely changed since you came into it. I am lucky to be your "Mama".
I love you Ava Jane! ♥
♥ Mommy

And if you care to take a walk down memory lane...

Ava 2yr (5)
Ava 2yr (4)
Ava 2yr (3)
Ava 2yr (1)
Ava 2yr (2)
And then I told her I had a surprise for her and for her to close those eyes!
Ava 2yr (7)
Ava 2yr (9) copy
Ava 2yr (11)
Ava 2yr (10)
Ava 2yr (13)
Ava 2yr (12)
Ava 2yr (11) copy
Happy Birthday my beautiful sweet baby girl!

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