Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Sometimes some of the best pictures are the ones that I didn't set up or have a vision for. They are the ones that I didn't get all silly and try to get the kids to look at the camera...
These images were taken the other day when I asked Jack to just sit so I could test my light and set my shutter speed appropriately for my photo shoot later that morning. He sat there but wasn't thrilled about it because he was busy writing his letters and numbers in the Boggle box...
IMG_0625 blogcopy
"I'll sit here but there is no way I am going to look at you Mommy"
IMG_0627blog copy
IMG_0605 blogcopy

"I bet I can get you to smile..."
IMG_0611blog copy

"Oh no you can't! So don't even try"
IMG_0607 blogcopy

"I got some tickles here and they like little boys named Jack"
IMG_0613 blogcopy

"That doesn't work on me anymore Mom,I'm 5 now."
IMG_0615 blogcopy

"oh you're right Jack. But I know you can't resist when I say BOOGERS!!"
IMG_0619 blogcopy

"How about this Mommy? Does this look cute?"
IMG_0963 blogcopy
IMG_0968blog copy

He sported this tatoo on his face all weekend too...
IMG_0631 blogcopy

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