Sunday, August 22, 2010

{thE PaRTY} |Central Illinois Birthday Photographer

We MONKEYED around yesterday in honor of Jax 5th birthday!!!! I have to say it was so much fun and the kids were siLLy baNaNas!!!
We had lots' of monkeys EVERYWHERE!!!
IMG_0197blog copy


And plenty of bananas too...

IMG_0007 blogcopy

IMG_0011 blogcopy

Well everything is all set up...where are my friends? He started watching for his guests 2 hours before party time...
IMG_0003 blogcopy

IMG_0014 blogcopy

She missed all but about 10 minutes of the party because she went down for a nap...
IMG_0066 blogcopy

Time to make a wish and blowout those candles...
IMG_0073 blogcopy

And open some gifts...
IMG_0087 blogcopy

IMG_0113blog copy

IMG_0176blog copy

And this is a tradition every year...Jack and Aunt Heather let his balloons go as he makes a wish...

And now for some fun monkeying around pictures:





IMG_0123 blogcopy

So much fun!! Thank you to all that came this year. We really appreciate you helping us celebrate Jax life! We are so honored that he was given to us and are so proud of who he is. He is one special little boy!

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