Friday, August 27, 2010

{Birthday s.u.s.h.i.}

Most of you know that Jax favorite food is SUSHI!! So unlike most kids who would choose ChuckECheese for their birthday dinner...Jack chose HYASHI. He likes the sushi their and he absolutely loves "the funny guy" that cooks the food for us.
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This year the funny guys name was Song. Song was great!! He really put on a good performance and was showering lots of attention on the birthday boy despite the fact that he kept calling him "Jake" but then again I do that too when we are all together.
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Jack introduced everyone at the table to Song and even shared his lemonade...he said that is why they gave him 2 straws...sweetie pie!
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Even though we brought his birthday cake they still came out and sang him Happy Birthday in Japenese and gave him a sundae. He later wanted us to sing him the song again in Japenese. Mark and I just looked at each other like...' do we make this up?' We didn't even try, instead we explained to him all about different languages and why people from other places speak different ways and that yes, amigo meand friend in spanish and...well it probably would have been easier to make up a quick Japenese birthday song!
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Here he is! My little man! How cool does he look in his wallet with the chain! Love this! He showed it to everyone, even Song. So when it was time to get a picture with Song he told him...'Don't forget your wallet'!
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Jack said this is going to be our new tradition on his birthday..going to Hyashi for his bday dinner. We did it last year and have a similar picture. Emma was in her Mommies tummy then though. It will be fun to watch the family grow from year to year!
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They have a cute little area behind the restaurant that I couldn't help but take some pictures of my little man...

And he even took some nice pictures with was his idea to kiss his daddy...

and his idea to cuddle and kiss me too...we didn't mind a bit!

Jack you are just the sweetest coolest 5 year old boy I know!!! I love you!!
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