Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{floral skirt} UPDATE

I ended up taking the apron panel off and shortening it about an inch and a half so she no longer looks like she is wearing a hand me down from an older sister! :)
Amy-I like your idea about turning it into a little purse...I will be posting updated pics soon! She wore it today with a long sleeve pink shirt and pink leggings with her silver ballerina shoes..DARLING!!! Thanks for all the feedback guys!!

I'm not sure if I like it with or without the front apron style panel. What do you think? With the apron panel or without?


Becky said...

I like it without but I am more a fan of simple so maybe that is why...I think the panel is cute too though

lamcakes said...

with! So so cute!

. said...

That was from Amy not from Skyler, ha :)

. said...

I like without :) maybe you could turn the apron piece into a little bag/purse for her? Love the patterns! You are so good.

Anonymous said...

I also like without, both very cute, but without much simpler. BTW you AMAZE me!!! Love ya, Jolene

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