Monday, March 1, 2010


We went up to Lake Zurich this weekend for Oliver's bday celebration. He is such a sweet sweet boy! I wish I would have taken my camera to his party but I forgot it in the hotel room...
We really had fun at the hotel. We got to go swimming. Jack was so excited to go swimming...he swam so much over the past few days that he was complainig that his legs were hurting 'weely weely bad'.
However when we asked him what his favorite thing that he did this weekend he said jumping on the bed.

He was so proud that he was swimming all by himself (thanks to the water wings)

She hated the water...she eventually calmed down but wouldn't ever let go of me.

Emma loved the water and fell asleep as soon as she was out.

I think she looks so BIG here...

LOVE this skirt...found it this weekend at H&M(it's a 6-9 month and it's a bit big-she is so tiny-and I think that jean skirts must just run big...). I love that store.

They were pretty much like this the whole drive there and home...

She has learned how to pout...


She loves playing with her belly now and showing you her belly button...

Jack was about a year old when he always wanted his blankie and she has started wanting her now...

Gettin ready for nigh night after a long weekend...

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