Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pets only! @ i♥faces this week...

This was my very favorite pet EVER!!! We gave her away a year and a half ago to an elderly woman that could give her lots of love and attention. I had just become so busy and poor Ryli paid the price. She started acting out(getting in to the garbage and going potty in the house. So I thought it was the best thing for her. But she really was such a sweet little thing. I loved her. And to be honest I regret the decision and I feel TONS of guilt over it.
Jack still talks about her as if she is still here. If you ask him if he has a dog he says 'yes, her name is Ryli. She lives up in the sky.'
I hope we can get another Ryli someday in the future. When my babies are bigger...

Go see more pets here:

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It's The Young's Y'all said...

Ahhh...that's so sad, but sometimes it's the best thing. Little Ryli was a cutie pie! Great photo!

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