Thursday, November 19, 2009

{field trip}

I get to go on my first field trip with Jax school today. I am really excited! I've been looking forward to doing this kind of thing for a long time! And Jack is excited that his friend Cooper gets to ride in his car! So cute. Remember when the simplest things in life gave us such joy???
We are going to have great fun today. And I decided that I am going to just go and enjoy the time with my little buddy and his classmates, maybe making some new friends with the other moms and I am not going to be bothered with taking pictures...I's going to be weird for me pictures to document this 'first'.
I'll be OK. Really. I will. I think...
Jack looked so cute today too in his 'field trip t-shirt'. They have special shirts that they wear so it's easier to keep our kids together. It's about 2 sizes too big for him but he looks adorable and he loves it...he wanted to sleep in it last night.
On a side note... Can somebody tell me how it is possible that our baby is going to be 1 in about 2 weeks!!!????

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